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My Financial Relationship Philosophy

When we think about finances, the first thing that usually comes to mind is dollars signs. Unfortunately, few financial advisors dedicate time to a crucial element I believe to be the most important part of financial decision making.  Both the emotional and psychological aspects influence our decision making on a daily basis and must be taken into consideration when managing our finances.

My personal values are the foundation on which my philosophy is based and are at the root of why I help you manage your financial decision making the way I do.  I’m sure that you’ve seen or heard the following statement: “time is money”.  Well, when it comes to your personal finances, taking time is more rewarding in most circumstances.

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«Always remember that life, after all, is a marathon, not a sprint.»

In a world where the sale is too often more important than the advice, my intuition and values have allowed me to understand, early in my career, that taking the time to listen and to respect who you are as a person is by far the greatest way to build a long term and successful relationship that will help you achieve financial independence. The products that are offered are a secondary step in this process.

If time, respect and financial independence are ingredients that appeal to you, then by all means do not hesitate to contact me and it will be a pleasure for me to meet with you and discuss this approach to your personal finances.

Sincerely yours,

Jean C.